Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shoe fetish: Dr M's exasperating opportunism

I found the Kaki Dalam Kasut post by Dr M very exasperating.

This is one example of his ability to titillate the basal instincts of his target audience.

Dr M is definitely not a racist. But, I do think he's too Machiavellian. Using his considerable intellect to tweak at the teats of ethnic sentiment is low.

He could have used his intellect for a positive view of things. But, the canny politician probably found that pandering to the ethnic gallery was a good idea to sustain his popularity. Spinning an innocuous question on political freedom and equality to a reply with a heavy ethnic flavour and a distorted socio-economic picture is irresponsible.

It's a waste of time to examine the definition of "master". What is economic "mastery" without political "mastery" when the latter allows the political master to misallocate the tax revenue collected from the economic players? Even this is an irrelevant issue.

As PM why did he permit non-Malay tycoons to get massive privatisation projects? Why didn't he as PM impose a "social tax" on these people so that some funds flow to the ethnic group that he now pretends to sympathise with?

On days when I'm very tired from the pressure of work, I dream of receiving handouts.

But, rather than rely on ethnicity as a crutch to prop up my superficial arguments, I would just say that during those difficult moments in working life, I dream of being an UMNOputra, an MCAputra or an MICputra. It's easy. Just play politics and get rent-seeking contracts.

The UMNOputra, an MCAputra or an MICputra are the Malaysians who should try and imagine how it feels being in the shoes (or, more appropriately, slippers) of average Malaysians, regardless of race. We are the ones who have to work hard and honestly everyday.

We are the lembu while the sapi is owned by Dr M and his former political subordinates.

That is why I found his post so exasperating.

And, perhaps this is why the whole of Malaysia has been waiting for 52 years (and counting) for the other shoe to drop in the context of this incessant and obsessive fixation on ethnicity by politicians of all colour, creed and credo.

http://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoons/cartoonists/cgo/lowres/cgon367l.jpgpix from here.

By the way, for those with a shoe fetish, get the footwear idioms here.


donplaypuks® said...

"Dr M is definitely not a racist.:

I'm not so sure. He has gone to great lengths to hide the true ethnicity of father and ancestors!

And if you follow Dr.Lim Teck Ghee of cpiasia, these low equity figures DR.M is bandying about do not reflect the true picture.

That's why Dr.Lim honourably resigned his position from Govt after clashing with Najib & AAB over massaged statistics by the Govt.

And Dr.M and UMNO politicians will milk these dubious statistics to continue with the much abused NEP for quite a while more to come!

Note that despite Najibs earlier assurances that AP's will be phased out by 2010, Muhy has constantly been talking about extending their tenure till 2020!

Anonymous said...

He even don't really care about the Malays in the kampongs and the longhouses!
But these people serve him well-to always be used as an excuse for to explain why he,his sons and his loyalists deserve privileges to self-enrichments!

Hamba said...

The Mahafiraun ascension to the PM seat was a catastrophic event for Malaysia. He truly became PM ( Pembawa Malapetaka)! Even now he still plague the rakyat and kept on spreading his racist and corrupt virus onto the rakyat. I despises him then and I'm still finding more reason to place him as the worse creature ever to come in power in Malaysia. And yet there are still misguided people who worship this racist garbage. I feel sorry for them and for Malaysia! The Mahafiraun curse is still plaguing our nation...