Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rice self-sufficiency

In 2008, Malaysia achieved 73% self-sufficiency for rice. That was good.

What's even better is the 2010 target of 86% self-sufficiency.

To get to the target, the Ministry for Agriculture and Agro-based Industries has an allocation of RM3 billion. That's all lot of money.

It is estimated that there are 426,260 hectares of rice-growing areas in Malaysia.

When will the 100% target be met?

Apparently, Malaysia has a Food Security Policy. So far, all I can find out further about this policy is this link to the Ministry of Information.

Being a staple food, rice is, indeed, a security issue. The 100% self-sufficiency is certainly within the capabilities of this country. 


walla said...

Patricia said...

I'm too lazy to go to Walla's links. But are we hoping for 100% self-sufficiency? And would that be a good thing?

I am allergic to wheat and all wheat products. Rice is ok with me, for some reason.

So I am happy about this rice thingy.

As usual, it is all about me lah! ;)



I was so happy to see you as 'Friday Guest Blogger' on Zorro. Congratulations, CT. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

de minimis said...

Hi Pat

Yes. Walla does make us work doesn't he?

The 100% self-sufficiency target is part of the Food Security Policy. It makes sense since volatile rice prices can be a serious drain on Malaysia's resources.

Many Asians are, interestingly enough, allergic to non-rice grains. So, you're in good company.

mekyam said...


"tak cukup beras? suruh mereka makan apam!" -- mekyam channelling marie antoinette. ;D