Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Opportunity Maps (and Khir Toyo)

Malaysia's political shenanigans are providing tremendous fodder for all media. Gazillion gallons of teh tarik are being downed at warungs and kedai mamak and, countless thick local coffee at kopi tiams over topics as colourful as nude photos and frogging.

But we shan't add to the noise.

Instead, I want to draw your attention to a strategic management tool called opportunity maps. Businessweek carries an excellent article on opportunity maps here.

To add some colour to this post I am including some representations of opportunity maps:


Sourced from here.

Sourced from FAO.

Sourced from here.

Biodiversity opportunity map sourced from here.

Of course, the concept is not unusual or new. The point I'm making with the example of the diagrams above is that our minds, like Tony Buzan has demonstrated in his mind-mapping books and lectures, can be more effective if channelled to strategic thinking via colour and pictographical representations.

Words are great. But colourful pictures and diagrams may have a greater imprint on our memory. This, in turn, will stimulate out-of-the-box thinking.

But, if all this is too much for any one of us, I guess the so-po blogs have their own colours and, pictography, nude or otherwise. And, for the record, on the Elizabeth Wong matter, I think Khir Toyo has just plumbed depths of fecal matter that I never imagine could exist in our socio-political fabric. It is the type of fetid and putrid conduct that casts serious aspersions on the political party that he claims to be a part of.

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walla said...

Of interest

what if it was his m'sus or m'stress? When an exMB is in such a hurry to score cheap points, you would wonder how he was appointed and then elected in the first place. His right to moral judgement ends where her right to privacy begins. Shame on him; keep your chin up EW. It will pass.