Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Economics is boring until...

Gutter and racial politics is fun. It is easy. Whoever has titanium cojones will get the best Press and blog coverage.

Public relations consultants will confirm that publicity is good. Any publicity. Even bad publicity is better than no publicity. Why? The reason is obvious. Suddenly everyone knows WHO the controversial politician is.

The trick is, then, to parlay that high-profile into high positions and high office.

Reasonableness is boring. *yawn*

Moderation kills enthusiasm. *yawn*

But, call someone a bastard, call someone anak haram and the whole world takes notice. Then, the politician in question can start enjoying all the publicity.

It is easy. No need to think.

The reason for my not naming names is not because I fear this or that. It is that I want to avoid adding to the enjoyment of these politicians. They do not deserve recognition. Not that they care about nondescript blogs, anyway.

The economy and economic issues, on the other hand, requires a lot of reading and understanding of concepts and principles.

You need to read quite a bit. Worse still, you need to understand what you're reading. Worst of all, you need to measure the policies against what you have understood to be the concepts and principles.

It's a cure for insomnia.

But, most Malaysians seem to have better things to do. Economics is boring. Politics is fun. The more gutter and, the more racial the funner.

But, when people go to the market and find prices going higher, they complain.

When they don't get any bonus or increments, they complain.

When they get pay cuts, they scream.

When they lose their jobs, it's too late.

Can they, then ask the gutter and racial politicians what happened?

Would the gutter and racial politicians know what happened?

The real leaders must have programmes in place to educate these gutter and racial politicians on the more important skills and knowledge about economic management, resource allocation and so on.

For now and, in the foreseeable future, Malaysia is a third world country with a third world mindset and third world politicians.

Will the good political leaders stand up and say what is right? Are there any good political leaders?


Jarod said...

They can say anything and not getting a punishment. while other object a lil, there will be fuss all around.

the Bus-tard here and there, getting free publicity. I hope in the next election, the people can give them a free ticket to go home!

wankongyew said...

I've noticed that the same goes for many bloggers as well. Want to be popular? Say the most outrageous and extreme things. Moderate bloggers are just considered boring.