Friday, August 8, 2008

Anwar's wit

Reading the Malaysiakini report entitled, 'If consensual, why charge me only?' leads me to highlight the character of ridicule that the sodomy allegation against Anwar has reached. The full report is at
Below is an extract of the Star Online report that, I thought, characterises Anwar's endearing charisma and his capacity to maintain his cool and wit under the worst pressure possible:
Speaking to reporters later, Anwar who signed his bond papers at 11.12am, said his case is not a normal case and that the defence would ask for a copy of the police report on the allegations against him.

He also asked why Saiful was not charged for the offence.

Just imagine if Saiful had to sit in the same dock with me, what to do?” he asked as he winked at reporters and laughed aloud.

He also said that he had been teased and advised by his friends that he should learn a lesson not to have a “young, smart and handsome man around me”.

I was told that I couldn’t bring a pretty girl. She (his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail) will object".

I cannot bring a young man or old man. I can only bring an 80-year-woman on a wheelchair. I will be safe. If it's a pretty girl, Azizah will strangle me,” he said with laughter.
In the process, Anwar has deftly placed the charge of consensual sodomy exactly where he wants it in the public mind - an incredulous and mind-numbing allegation that beggars belief. This level of sophistication in handling issues (or spin-control; depending on whose side you're on) is world-class.
Read the entire report here.


Anonymous said...

I agree. =)
Anwar is funny. =)

whatanass said...

Only in Bolehland can the law be this stupid.

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