Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anwar: I can forgive, not forget

These are excerpts of Anwar's answers during an interview with Malaysiakini's Steven Gan and K Kabilan:

"It's not easy to come out from prison, being assaulted, being jailed, being smeared with the most nasty sort of attacks, and then suddenly say okay, ‘malice towards none' - quoting (Abraham) Lincoln - and move on,"

"But how do you run a government and affect changes, move forward - we need a new Malaysian awareness, we need unity of all races, we need a new vibrant economy, we need to reform the judiciary and bring back confidence in a more professional police force - if you get yourself engrossed with the past?"

"I got to rush to Penang. Votes count, you know,"

"My back is not too good,"

Malaysiakini reports: He insisted that he was not bluffing on his repeated claims that he would have enough defectors in Parliament to form a new government by Sept 16.
"I am privy to many discussions that I cannot share for now. Based on that, I have ample reasons to suggest that - although we have been derailed somewhat because of all these episodes - we can make it."

"Those in the ruling establishment, including the IGP (inspector-general of police) and his coterie of loyal clique, must be convinced, otherwise they wouldn't be desperate to go on this move (to charge him)."

"They are convinced that we're going to make it, so they have to make sure that I am stopped at all costs."

Malaysiakini further reports: But he regretted that his political enemies would not leave him alone. "How do you deal with it? I am by nature quite forgiving, but we will clear this hurdle first," he said referring to the Aug 26 Permatang Pauh by-election.

Q. But given that you said this is a government-in-waiting, and yet there is still no shadow cabinet.
Well, there is... we have not announced a shadow cabinet. It is not true to suggest that we don't have people with portfolios assigned to them.

Q. Would that be one of your first tasks as opposition leader?
I agree, there have been a lot of calls actually, a lot of calls from people even now to represent the opposition team. I think I will put that as the first item on the agenda of the next meeting with Pakatan.

I like the Anwar quotes in BLUE above most of all; especially when Anwar says that setting up a SHADOW CABINET is a top priority. Now that's what I've been waiting to hear!


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LightsInTheDistance said...

Forgive yes, but never ever forget. Let all of us remember that we shall not forget the past injustices and atrocities committed on the rakyat.

Although we may be fools at the start but we're not fools for a lifetime.