Thursday, May 15, 2008

Removing some shackles

I have decided to change the "look and feel" of the blog. The earlier version was too confining. A check of the rules and regulations of the Malaysian Bar was disheartening. If the blog was maintained as a law firm blog, I had to comply with too many "do's and don'ts". For example, I will not be able to describe my involvement as a lawyer with any projects or work that I had done to-date. I will also not be able to add any links that may give rise to any negative views of the legal profession. I certainly will be prohibited from adding any interesting links. Let me just extract one such rule:-

Rule 7. Information or material which is not permitted

Without limiting the other provisions of these Rules and any other applicable laws, the following material or information is not permitted on Websites: (a) material or information which is indecent, obscene, false, offensive, defamatory or seditious under the laws of Malaysia; or (b) publicity which is presented or published in a manner which is contrary to the laws (relating to publicity of Advocates & Solicitors) of Malaysia; or (c) publicity which is presented or published in a manner which, in the opinion of the Bar Council, is likely to diminish the confidence of the public as regards the legal profession of Malaysia or to otherwise bring the legal profession of Malaysia into disrepute; or (d) publicity which infringes Publicity Rule 5 in any way; or (e) any advertisement or publicity which relates to parties other than the Advocate & Solicitor or his firm.
See what I mean?
So, I decided to unshackle myself. I haven't needed any advertising to sustain me. This blog is just a form of expession. My earlier 2 entries below (I realise) are cutting-edge cures for insomnia! The information, I assure you, is very sound. But the delivery was straitjacketed and dull, out of necessity and compliance. But now that this blog is Taoist Dreams and, not CT Choo Law, let's have some fun!

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