Monday, May 26, 2008

Alan Smith, wherefore art thou?

A poor haiku in the aftermath of Leeds 0, Doncaster Rovers 1:-





leave Newcastle

Leeds is home

Come back

prodigal son

More sorrow!
The Leeds gaffer's stoic feelings are better and, certainly more upbeat than my haiku:-
Leeds United boss Gary McAllister conceded that his side were below par as they crashed out of the League One playoff final with a dismal 1-0 defeat at the hands of Doncaster Rovers. James Hayter was the man that fired Rovers into the Championship, with their goalkeeper, former Leeds United stopper Neil Sullivan rarely tested and McAllister moved quickly to accept that his side had been second best.
Speaking to he said:“We huffed and puffed but lost a poor goal at a set-piece. We've defended set-pieces better than that in the past. “Doncaster played well, we knew they'd come and pass the ball. We huffed and puffed but our quality wasn't there today. “We didn't make Sully make a save today. There were a few near bets where we got in the box but our final ball in wasn't good enough.”He finished with the most important bit for Leeds fans:“The players will come back next season ready for it, with the stomach for it.”

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Anonymous said...

Went to the Leicester game today. Entertaining but by no means a classic. I feel we will get back up there eventually to the Premiership, just takes time...and patience.

I was completely devastated about Alan leaving. I met him several times got to know him well through mutual friends/fellow Lufc fans. I am still in touch with him and I know things aren't looking great at Newcastle for him, what with not being able to play until at least the end of January next year (2009) I am pretty down about it. He's a really nice, genuine guy no one ever ever expected leeds to fall so spectacularly and I KNOW he would have wanted to stay forever at Leeds but relegation forced his hand.

Man U ruined him and Newcastle are threatening to put the final nail in the coffin of his career the way its' going. However, I haven't lost faith and I, like many, (yes Leeds fans YOU KNOW its true!! admit it!!!) would like to see him return and put things right.

Hey even if its only a handful who appreciate his return, it'll be worth it because I am certain he has so much more to give. He never really hit the heights for any other team, which tells you something. When he broke his leg he frequently went over to Thorp Arch, Leeds training ground, for treatment, on the quiet, he even scheduled his holiday around being able to watch leeds in a bar LOL.

All I wanted for Xmas was Smudger back. Please make it happen guys!!! Please!!!!! We should start a petition?! (ha ha)