Friday, February 12, 2016

We can do it too, if we try

Visitors to Japan are almost always amazed at the civic mindedness of the Japanese. This video documentary gives us a glimpse of how that mindset might be created.

It is not rocket science. I very much believe that it can be done in Malaysia too. We just need to try and try harder to create better citizens. We have to believe that we can do it.

So, how about it, Malaysia's educators?

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Anonymous said...

Cannot! There will be loads of complaints from the parents which will results in administrative nightmare and headache for the headmaster & teachers, e.g.

1) How can the school make my child work/ sweep the floor/ etc during school hrs? Can't the school employ cleaners?
2) My child can't eat this kind of food. Csn he/she brings own food?
3) I can't allow my child to share the same utensils with the other kids.
4) Etc, etc.

I would be very happy if we can just teach the next generation not to litter and to respect others including the environment.