Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Libido and Leadership

Politics is hypocrisy in action. Public life is all about hypocritical perceptions.

In the privacy of private conversations between men (and, some say, women) sex is likely to be the number one topic. The racier, the better. The juicier, the better. And, special accolades are given to the spinner of the sexual yarn if he (or, she) is the principal protagonist.

But, in public life, whether one is a political leader or a celebrity (think Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods), sexual peccadilloes are frowned upon. There are clearly double standards to be applied.

From another perspective, some may regard lurid stories about leaders, be they political or business leaders, as positive news.

I can sense arched eyebrows and wide eyes at this point.

How can such news be positive?

Well, from a physiological point of view, such lurid stories suggest that the political or business leader in question is in good health. For, how can one "get it on" unless one can "rise" to the occasion?

A stressed-out person, let alone high-profile political or business leader, will exhibit the symptom of poor libido. He just can't get it on.

So, if we hear lurid stories about political or business leaders, it means that they are managing their stress pretty well and, they are in good physical health.

Posthumous stories of JFK having gotten it on faster than a rabbit in heat only reaffirmed his ability to get it on in leadership terms.

A sexually frustrated leader is not fun to be with, I'm sure.

Oh, yes, there is the other *yawn* boring perspective about morals and morality.

But, remember that for every poor, sexually deprived (and, depraved) person who may take umbrage at public figures who are accused of having sexual flings, there are many others who may feel that such news is evidence of libido and, therefore, physical fitness for high office.

Let the person who has no vice stand up to claim leadership.

Then, let the rest of us dispose of that person because there is a statistical certainty that under such leadership Life will be worse than Death.

No one likes a killjoy for a leader, whether in politics or in business.

I'm just saying....


Are You Gonna Go My Way said...

anyone can get his libido up..with partners like Marilyn Monroe or some 17 year old beauty.
And yes..there are herbal supplement that works 10 times better than viagra...if u have the money.

semuanya OK kot said...

The true history of every nation and religion - corresponding to the tribal chief and the witchdoctor - will reveal sexual and other mores to be an effective weapon of control over the masses. One only needs to think of the checkered and ongoing story of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of Rome as an example. Such history is made available at great cost by people with spine. The morals emphasised by parasites living above the law are those that function as effective, cheap mind control.

Blackmail of this sort would fall flat in South America.

walla said...

Quite a convincing argument there, one must say, albeit with some trepidation.

In fact, such exertions have since time immemorial acted as quick and effective de-stressing agents without which leaders may make bad decisions in the heat of the moment, especially when such heat is not dissipated on time to avert meltdowns.

Apparently it wasn't just Kennedy alone who had ushered one of the finest traditions of modern statesmanship. His successor, Johnson, was also much a rake which would explain how the white house room of the hailed chiefs which was rectangular when built had ended up oval today. All that banging around on the carpet.

In Europe the tradition has of course been set afire by Mitterand and Berlusconi but Thatcher and Merkel have not been mentioned although Blair's eyes still look suspiciously impish.

And in Asia, one doesn't have to search hard for examples. For instance, was Tanaka called the computerized bulldozer without reason?

In fact, as has been whispered in certain circles, there is an ex-premier who as premier was remembered for approving anything that a member of one state's royal court had desired. Perhaps that's because both of them had their wanking ways at a place in Jalan Selangor when that premier was out of the party for a while. Maybe in his present state of mind, he should revisit his notes to check whether those four women he had mentioned had anything to do with anyone else.

At pains of being labeled too liberal, it should be perfectly alright for men to wander. There is an errant gene involved which specializes in satisfying the impulse towards infidelity. Understandably that came about because man had to hunt in those days so the gene must have gotten embedded in his neuromotor system which has evolved into the fine art of evasion by plausible deniability.

One thinks it would be better for leaders to be unchaste but effective than to be chaste but still downright horny.

If one is looking for moral turpitude, go to a priest instead.

Of course, this layabout argument has a caveat. By effective leadership, one must still effect morally defensible actions onto the masses and the only way men can continue to do opposite things is when they have avenues to destress from the tension of doing opposite things.

Otherwise they will only be contradicting saying government doesn't know best one moment and then trust me the next.

psst: blogger, how do i erase this 'uncharacteristic' post??

Raison D'etre said...

Going by your logic then, the Fed gov honchos had better get in on to prove their, ahem, leadership qualities, eh?

At least, one of them has got that alleged tryst with the alleged female artiste allegations going around.