Thursday, September 16, 2010


I wish all Malaysians anywhere in the world a happy MALAYSIA DAY!

Some say that Malaysia is worse off today compared to the past. I look around me and wonder why they say that.

Those who obsessively read extremist blogs are convinced that everyone in Malaysia is racist. I wonder why my Indian Malaysian friend laughed when I told him an Indian joke. I wonder why my Malay Malaysian friend laughed when I told him how P. Ramlee's movie Labu dan Labi so typifies many Malays. And I wonder why they laughed even louder when I told them a well-worn story about how Mankind would never have been cast out of the Garden of Eden if Adam was Chinese because he would have eaten the Serpent for dinner, ate the apple for dessert and made wild love to Eve...and still get to live in Eden.

our national dish...i think

The one thing that Malaysians have is a sense of humour and our ability to laugh at ourselves and, at each other.

There's a lot to be happy about.


Kama At-Tarawis said...

well said, dm, and selamat hari malaysia to you too...

STEEST said...


One year ago, you wrote on my blog

Hi Lita
I couldn't agree more. September 16 should be made a public holiday for Malaysia Day with all the celebrations in recognition of the formation of Malaysia.

Now that it is a public holiday and reason for celebration for ALL of us in Malaysia, I hope that by some divine intervention, things will get better.


Antares said...

Damn right, de minimis! Nothing wrong with the country... or the people... but there's no way we can carry on regardless when it comes to the gross mismanagement we have endured for 47 years!

de minimis said...

Thanks Kak Kama.

Lita, you're my kind of historian :D

Antares, my man, glad to have you drop in, bro.

chapchai said...

Antares took the words out of my mouth - there's nothing wrong with the country, but there's plenty wrong with the people who run it! However, I as a Sarawakian do not share in the "joyous(?)" celebration of the formation of Malaysia. To say that Sarawak has been short-changed is an understatement. True, Sarawakians are to be blamed for voting in the CM and his cronies, but the extent of corruption in this state has gone unchecked by the Federal Govt. We still talk about the 18 point-agreeemnt that persuaded Sarawak to join in the formation of Malaysia. I believe for Sabah it's the 20-point agreeemnt. I hope that with the change of government the new power that be will restore to Sarawak what is Sarawak's. I shall dream on and, maybe, when my dreams are realised I will perhaps join in the celebration of Malaysia Day.