Friday, March 26, 2010

TM's IPTV and Astro's privatisation

I'm still marvelling at and, soaking up the joys of TM's 20 mbps HSBB service. Okay, it's not going to be cheap. But, given the other broadband offerings, TM's UniFi (that's what they're branding the HSBB as) is a breath of fresh air. And, if more of us get on the bandwagon, we can gang up on TM to reduce the rates at some point. I live in hope. But, on a serious note, I'm also wondering why certain wimax players are applauding TM. Might it be that the wimax people and TM have done a cartel-like pricing deal?

Having ingested the wonders of 20 mbps, I'm beginning to get excited about the 22 IPTV channels that TM is planning to roll out. These channels will be given an 8 mbps speed. I understand that a HDMI connection is needed to link it to the TV.

Local Broadcast Channel:International Broadcast Channel:
    • Bernama TV
    • Hikmah
    • NTV7
    • RTM 1
    • RTM 2
    • TV3
    • TV9
    • 8TV
        • Australian Network
        • BBC Knowledge
        • BBC Lifestyle
        • CBeebies
        • Channel News Asia
        • Channel V Taiwan
        • Disney
        • DWTV
        • DWTV Asia +
        • Euronews
        • Fashion TV
        • STAR Chinese Channel
        • STAR Chinese Movies
        • Travel Channel
        • LUXE TV HD
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          The thing that gives me a buzz is the fact that TM's IPTV service will be in direct competition to the satellite-based Astro (even if the ever-polite people at TM gently demur). The possibility of watching TV without any regard to inclement weather patterns (at Technology Park, Seri Kembangan, where Astro resides) is something to savour.

          I'm seriously wondering if Astro's planned privatisation has anything to do with TM's rollout of the IPTV that is housed within the UniFi packages.

          TM's IPTV is a potential disruptive factor that may well give Astro a run for its money.

          I love competition. Competition loves consumers. I am a consumer.

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          hishamh said...

          I'm hopeful too. Astro is driving me insane - I can't get half the channels I've subscribed for. If TM can get a decent mix of TV offerings, I'll cancel Astro in a second.