Sunday, September 13, 2009

Samy also lives in Egypt

I read this report by Hafiz Yatim in Malaysiakini. Here's an extract:

MIC president S Samy Vellu today said the Indian community voted against the Barisan Nasional because they were fed up with the ruling coalition, and not him.

The 73-year-old politician lamented that he was often made the scapegoat for the dismal results in the last general election, which saw MIC nearly being dealt a fatal blow.

“This is a blame that people throw back to me. During my time (as minister and parliamentarian) they said people were fed-up with me (and) that was why the Indian community did not vote for BN.

“It is not that they are fed-up with me. They are fed-up with BN,” stressed Samy Vellu who was defeated in his parliamentary stronghold of Sungai Siput in the March 2008 polls.

For reasons that I am still trying to fathom, I just cracked up into fits of uncontrollable chuckles as I read the report. We should just add Sam to the list of BN leaders who live "in the Nile".


Kama said...

hahahaha.. I like!

guat hoon said...

Like what you wrote:

We should just add Sam to the list of BN leaders who live "in the Nile".

The punch line would have been better if it was written as "in de Nile".

mekyam said...

good one, ct! :D

de minimis said...

guat hoon

Thank you for your comment. However, apart from slang usage by property developers in Malaysia e.g. "De Haven" or bloggers, the word "de" actually means "of" or "from" as used in French or Spanish family names, originally indicating place of origin. But try as I did, the word "de" is not in the official English lexicon. As such, your suggested amendment of the punchline would not have been grammatically proper. I do worry about odd visitor to my blog that has punctilious and pedantic inclinations.

I am, therefore, inclined to maintain the phraseology. This is the small price I have to pay for having chosen to maintain a certain standard, although, there have been occasions when I do happily descend into slang to achieve a humourous effect (I hope). Not this time, though. But, I do thank you for the comment.

walla said...